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... Ушла в себя... Вышла из себя... Была не в себе... Пришла в себя... Зашибись находилась...

Greetings to all and welcome!!!
hi, my darling!
How are you?

i*m fine! улыбаюсь
Nobody except for us is not present here грущу
and nobody wishes to talk...еveryone hesitate
Where you learned English?
Hi girls!I want to talk!!!But my English is not very cool...I think I forgot all the gramma rules...

I*m too speak a level of 2-nd class... чет засмущалась я
Really?I've been learning English for 10 years,but...

I think the main to have the practice,- оtherwise all is forgotten грущу
I haven't practice for 4months.so result:I forgot everything....

I learned itself, but in my experiance,- i*m write letters to partners and often i use the translator..
At school i*m studied the French language улыбаюсь
I learned German(besides english) at school for 5 years.but I know nothing

So often happens улыбаюсь You now on work?
Hi, everyone!
It is a good experience for us to plan our pregnancies in English! Probably our future children will be more experienced in languages than we are!улыбаюсь улыбаюсь
I think we have to choose a special theme to talk about.
What are your suggestions, girls???

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Good idea! улыбаюсь
What else topics, at your sight will be interesting? Except for weather.
And I prefer films,which I have already seen in Russian.then I watch them in English.Sometimes my relatives,when they see me wathing films in english,look at me like I'm crazy.
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